A Walk in the Ethiopian Highlands

October 2015 – One of the most extraordinary contradictions of expectation is of how beautifully green and lush the Ethiopian countryside is. It continually varies as you travel through the mountains, hills and valleys, the vibrant greens of the farmlands to the wild flowers of the highland peaks. Gaping geological fault lines follow the roads up through the valleys into wooded hills and down again past small farming villages of thatched roofed mud cottages.

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Installing a World Class Computer Room

September 2015 – If the computers had not been as small as a box of tea they may have come through the Ethiopian customs a little sooner. Lee had specified the perfect computer for the school; small, cheap and consuming very little power yet fully loaded, fast and with ports for everything. The Ethiopian authorities, on the other hand, could not be convinced that this small machine could be a functioning computer.

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Classroom at Bekoji School

June 2015 – As building works at Bethany School near completion, the FSL charity team are finalising plans for the classroom layout and are preparing the first instalment of computers to ship out to Bekoji in Ethiopia.

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Nepal Earthquake Appeal

April 2015 – On 25th April 2015, a devastating earthquake hit Nepal. The 7.8 magnitude earthquake, the worst in the country’s history, struck at 11:56 am leaving over 8,000 people dead, injuring more than 23,000 with hundreds of thousands left either homeless or displaced.

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Foundations Are In!

March 2015 – David Spurdle, of Stand by Me, is one of those enterprising executives with old school values. The likes of which have been building the new British corporate successes. David’s drive is, however, not for commercial gain but from a strong desire to empower those in the poorest parts of the world to better themselves and their communities. He is a ‘get on with it’ executive where to make a decision is better than making no decision and the lessons learned from mistakes are as valuable as the successes.

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The Widest Benefit for Bekoji

January 2015 – As the building works for the Bethany School technical department proceed at a pace, the scope of what we believe we can achieve with the computer facilities is beginning to take shape.

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The FSL Charity Committee

December 2014  – From the outset it was important to the Directors of FSL that our programme of Corporate Social Responsibility be inclusive and driven by willing staff members. The presentation of the project, to support the technical department at the Bethany School in Bekoji Ethiopia, found more staff supporters than anticipated. The FSL Charity Committee was subsequently formed from a group of enthusiastic staff brimming with ideas.

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