CGiX is the financial market’s leading capital gains calculation and investment tax management product, used by financial institutions to provide high-quality tax planning and reporting to their customers. Effortlessly integrating with over 30 proprietary and commercial front and back office systems, CGiX leverages a unique tax database to guarantee accuracy.

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CGiX’s CGT component sits at the core of the product: containing all the general rules of UK CGT legislation since 1965, with all the variations that the evolving nature of tax law has introduced over the interceding years. This richness and breadth of capability fuels CGiX with the power to quickly evolve and adapt to the continuing changes in tax legislation.


Accurate capital gains calculations depend on detail: identifying and apportioning costs through the maze of corporate reorganisations, reconstructions, capitalisations and distributions that typically impact securities. CGiX’s Corporate Actions Processing component matches and reconciles portfolio transaction histories to an extensive securities taxation database, producing the industry’s most accurate calculation of capital gains and allowable losses, with the flexibility to configure or accommodate particular business requirements.


CGiX enables clients to prepare reliable portfolio income and taxation reporting packs for their customers. Building on the product’s core investment tax management functionality, this offering is further underpinned by FSL’s unrivalled tax rule database.


CGiX provides global securities taxation and corporate action information, empowering clients to calculate capital gains and income tax on their customers’ behalf. Several vendors contribute dependable data for a wide range of financial instruments, which is then aggregated, cleansed and processed by our experienced Data Team.


CGiX’s Reporting Suite provides organisations with the detail needed to deliver precise and trustworthy information to their customers. We underpin cost transformations and tax law detail across our portfolio investment reporting packs, which ensures clients are sending accurate and valuable data to their customers.


CGiX also provides ‘What-If’ future liability analysis, enabling fund managers to consider accurate CGT implications as part of their modelling and asset allocation processes. This powerful functionality provides real-time calculations based on the most up-to-date corporate event information available, even in scenarios where there are multiple acquisitions and disposals.

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