FSL is the market-leading provider of specialist investment tax solutions: keeping our clients ahead of change, removing complexity and protecting them from risk

Our creative problem solving, discipline and eye for functional design has established our trusted reputation across the financial industry. We’ve spent over twenty years as the market’s full-service strategic partner of choice, and our experience, quality, authority and complete client-focus enables us to streamline investment tax management and future-proof businesses.



CGiX, our market-leading capital gains tax software, drives capital gains tax calculations in over 100 organisations across the UK and Europe – integrating seamlessly with over 30 front and back office systems, both proprietary and commercial. Our clients include 25 Tier 1 and Tier 2 investment banks, private wealth companies, IFAs and specialist tax consultancies.

We process over 2 million records per month on behalf of our largest SaaS client, and CGiX calculates gains and losses on approximately 420,000 client portfolios annually.

In 2014 we increased our processing capability by 25% to ensure we continue to provide fast response times as client volumes increase.

Our internal QA ensures all software is fully tested and we continue to automate test procedures to improve the consistency and quality of code delivery.

FSL’s creativity, dedication and performance underpins every product we deliver to our clients



The financial market’s leading capital gains calculation and investment tax management product.

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Equipping clients with a single, trusted point of access to clear, reliable and up-to-date data on these complex investment vehicles.

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Our absolute mastery of investment tax management enables FSL to provide a range of services that are bespoke to each client’s unique business needs



Our team of dedicated specialists deliver additional insight into the implementation, monitoring and operational use of CGiX, as well as providing value-add services around investment tax data and support.

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FSL Data Analysis leverages our constant and comprehensive presence in niche markets, where accurate data is difficult to source.

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Our Software as a Service and Service Bureau offerings provide secure access to FSL’s products and services, ideal for firms seeking alternatives to internal deployment.

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FSL employ industry leading, independent software testing services from Acutest to provide best practice and objective testing of our solutions.

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A blueprint for success

FSL’s proven and established product suite removes all of the complexity from investment tax management, analysis and reporting. We free our clients to focus on their business, while remaining absolutely confident that their tax data is up-to-date, accurate and fit for purpose.

Our products are efficient and quick to deploy – providing accurate data when required, so that whatever the change and whatever the challenge, our clients are prepared to serve their customers better.

FSL equips our clients with business-critical, solid and dependable data. This lays the foundation for building open and transparent relationships with their customers and tax authorities.

As such, our clients view us as a strategic partner, offering a more holistic service than just a vendor. This trust and reputation rests on the fact that we rigorously measure and analyse our products to ensure that we never sell what we can’t deliver, and never make a promise we can’t keep.