FSL Consultancy Team of dedicated specialists are available to work for our clients, providing insight into the implementation, monitoring and operational use of CGiX. The Team also delivers additional value-add services in investment tax data and support.

Comprehensive domain knowledge, extensive experience and proven results.

Our objective is to maximise the value of your FSL installation.


The team leverages its comprehensive domain knowledge, wide-ranging financial markets experience and creative problem-solving methodologies to maximise the value of clients’ CGiX installation.


As a complementary service, the team provides research into Offshore Funds, Bonds and Income Tax Data. Our unrivalled connectivity with Issuers and Fund Managers has resulted in a comprehensive contact database, ensuring that our insight always comes from the best source.


  • The team has a proven track record of success with the financial community’s most established participants, building relationships that are measured in years, not months
  • Every engagement is bespoke – tailored to meet the client’s specific requirements and their customers’ needs
  • FSL leads the field in investment tax management and consultancy, with established relationships and installations at more than half of the top ten largest wealth managers by Assets Under Management
  • Our reputation is built on the core principles of delivery and success

A proven track record of success, building relationships measured in years not months.