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FSL’s qualified and experienced industry specialists provide a range of outsource service offerings for our clients. Our dedicated domain experts complement and enhance clients’ capabilities, keeping them ahead of change and at the leading edge. Our instinct for opportunity ensures that organisations can respond to change decisively, without disrupting their business. We work hard to develop deep and harmonious partnerships with our clients, and to keep them in step with change in the investment tax environment.

Our absolute mastery of investment tax management enables FSL to provide a range of services that are bespoke to each client’s unique business needs



FSL Consultancy puts our team of dedicated specialists to work for our clients, providing a unique insight into the implementation, monitoring and operational use of CGiX. The team also provides additional value-add services around investment tax data and support: supplying an unparalleled level of personalised service across various aspects of financial and taxation data, while also expanding our clients’ offerings and developing their bottom line as part of their strategic partnership with FSL.

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FSL’s Data Analysis team maintains a constant and comprehensive presence in niche markets, where accurate data is difficult to source. Our primary research minimises risk by increasing accuracy, which is why financial institutions regularly commission us for our expertise.

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FSL offers a variety of deployment models to clients seeking alternatives to hosting CGiX internally. Our Software as a Service (SaaS) and Service Bureau offerings enable firms to access our products and services securely without the need for physical deployment within the estate. By reducing the necessary infrastructure and firms’ dependency on internal resource, we enable our clients to focus on core competencies, complemented by resilient and flexible access to the market’s leading investment tax management solution.

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FSL employ industry leading, independent software testing services from Acutest to provide best practice and objective testing of our solutions. This collaboration creates additional services for our clients: allowing them to accelerate acceptance testing of our solutions, increase test coverage in clients’ environments and reduce the cost of problems in live operation. This service is run by Acutest to maintain independence but builds on their knowledge of our solutions.

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