Offshore Reporting Funds

FSL’s user-friendly Offshore Reporting Funds service provides clients with a single point of access to accurate, trusted and up-to-date data on these complex investment vehicles, for timely submission of HMRC tax forms.

Offshore Reporting Funds data supported by primary research as required.

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The Offshore Reporting Funds service transforms the time-consuming and labour-intensive task of identifying funds and determining tax liabilities into a streamlined process.

With many leading banks signed up for multi-year deals, the ORF customer base increases significantly each year. The service is very competitively priced and not restricted to CGiX clients.

The website displays offshore fund data across any chosen reporting period, with aggregated fund grouping as required. Our dedicated Data Analysis team are available face-to-face and over the phone to provide an additional support and research service.


  • Comprehensive proprietary database of Fund Manager contact details (including niche Hedge Funds)
  • Part of many Fund Managers’ distribution lists for additions and updates
  • Historic fund data is available
  • User-friendly interface with search functionality
  • Ability to identify upcoming distribution dates
  • Export capability
  • Reports accessible based on tax years
  • Group funds together based on specific criteria
  • Format approved by HMRC

Additionally, the data can be incorporated into existing clients’ CGiX solution to integrate with tax calculations:

  • Offshore data accurately represented on CGT and income tax reports including identification of asset type for Income Tax, and classification for Capital Gains Tax
  • Adjustments made to avoid double-taxation
  • Identification of client eligibility based on reporting period and fund distribution dates
  • Development of CGiX import file and processing of Group 1/2/Equalisation based on client requirements

Offshore Fund data covers:

  • Undistributed Income (Excess Reportable Income)
  • Equalisations
  • Distributions (Dividend/Interest)
  • Relevant dates
  • Reporting Period
  • Whether the fund remains a reporting fund
  • Currency conversions as per HMRC guidance

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