Introducing Industrial Thought Ltd – The Future Of Financial Services Innovation

Financial Software Ltd’s parent company is shaping the future of financial services

Since 1994, FSL has become renowned for developing market-leading financial software products that simplify the world of investment tax. But you might not know that we’re part of a wider group shaping the future of financial services. Established in 2013, our parent company Industrial Thought innovates in areas like data, scenario planning, proof of concept development and ESG. Its purpose? To unleash the full potential of a socially responsible, sustainable circular economy by managing and investing in the world’s most innovative businesses. 

In addition to FSL, here’s what you need to know about Industrial Thought’s other group companies:

  • Raw Knowledge is a specialist data provider for the wealth management industry. It provides the largest and highest quality securities and corporate actions database, offering tailored support for offshore fund reporting.
  • Thought Train was introduced as a quick prototyping and minimum viable product generator. Its role is to develop new product ideas that emerge from our group and other software innovators in the market.
  • Established just this year, Thought Ventures invests in trailblazers not limited to financial services. It uses data, products and learnings from adjacent markets to accelerate the digital leap required in financial services.

Leveraging this collective expertise, Industrial Thought empowers stakeholders by reducing risk, enhancing their capabilities, and supporting their digital transition. It believes strongly in the power of collaboration to develop solutions and services for tomorrow’s world, aiming to be a strategic partner for the industry. Industrial Thought also collaborates closely with other industry providers, exploring multiple opportunities to achieve its goals. 

Nuno Godinho, Group CEO of Industrial Thought Ltd. said: “we want to fast-track adjacent and disruptive innovation to create a transparent and connected customer experience that meets the individual needs of investors. We are in a prime position to achieve this because we’re fortunate to have a deep knowledge of the industry as a whole. We also have a strong understanding of the macro-level impacts, trends, threats and opportunities. This is an exciting time for us. As financial services moves towards the next stage of its evolution, driven by digital transformation, personalisation, sustainability, and impact investing, Industrial Thought is committed to leading the charge.”

If you are interested in discovering more about Industrial Thought or any of the companies within our group, we would love to share more details with you. Get in touch.