FSL Chain Mail (30th June 2020)

FSL’s Chain Mail is a regular blog containing links to news articles that we think are worth sharing.

As businesses begin to reopen, thoughts turn to what the future holds – what will be the new normal?  This edition of Chain Mail shares a number of links to the different views being shared.

This article from Bain & Co gives a great insight into what the future might hold.  They state that “the lessons of the past few months are as valuable as they were painful. Now is the time to turn them into the business and operating models of the future.”

In 2015, Bill Gate delivered a TED talk entitled “The Next Outbreak, We’re Not Ready” where he predicted a global flu pandemic and talked about how to prepare for what could come.  This article from the Republic of Ireland’s Adworld magazine examines what Bill and 3 other tech billionaires suggest the world will be like post-coronavirus.  An understanding of what they are investing in sheds light on what they consider the world will be like in the future.

Focusing on the wealth management industry, this piece from the FT highlights the digital trends accelerated due to working during lockdown.  The new Group CEO of Lombard International Group gives his views of the new normal in an article in International Adviser including his paraphrasing of Jean Monnet (a founding father of the EU) that clearly describes the situation – “people only accept change when they are faced with necessity and only recognise necessity when a crisis is upon them”.

Look out for our next edition with more FSL Chain Mail links.