Data Consultancy Expansion

FSL’s Offshore Reporting funds service continues to gain momentum as more financial institutions realise the potential of this value added service. During the last 12 months our client base has increased three fold as 100% of our existing clients made the decision to take this service again and additionally many new clients signed too, including one of the U.K.’s top 5 accountancy firms. This year is already proving to be very successful, with interest from several new clients, for whom the requirements gathering stage is in full swing. The Data Team continues to expand its database of fund manager contacts and build relationships which adds to the effectiveness of the service offered. We have developed processes whereby FSL is now included in fund manager mailing lists enabling us to obtain new data and amendments in a more efficient and timely manner. Further development has been undertaken with a new CGiX XML import and we have expanded our data provision to include currency conversions, daily equalisations and asset breakdown.
Another area of the consultancy which continues to grow is the financial asset analysis for Capital Gains and Income Tax purposes. In the last year the client base has doubled and several have signed up for multi-year deals. Our tax expertise is proving invaluable for our clients enabling them to provide accurate and validated tax data.
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