Testing Services

FSL employs industry-leading, independent software testing services to provide best practice testing of our products.

Independent service to accelerate and improve your testing and acceptance activities.

Collaborating for better testing results.


FSL undertakes extensive testing of all software and has engaged the leading independent software testing experts to apply best practice testing processes for FSL products. This service is run by a third party to maintain independence and builds upon its knowledge of our products.


  • Introduce test automation to speed up the test execution process
  • Target test activity to find defects more quickly and significantly reduce defects found in live operation
  • Increase the coverage of testing
  • Reduce the overall cost of testing

FSL’s collaboration with an independent third party has enabled it to build attractive solutions for our clients, which allow the clients to receive many of the same benefits. As an independent company, with a reputation to maintain, they can provide objective testing and acceptance services.


  • Help clients create and execute repeatable and well-targeted tests
  • Reduce the execution time to run acceptance tests
  • Reduce the number of defects found in live operation, as well as the cost of issues
  • Reduce the overall cost of testing

Services range from short reviews and consultancy through to fully-managed test services.

Our testing services are flexible and can be tailored to meet each client’s specific needs.