Deployment Models

FSL’s flexible Software as a Service (SaaS) and Service Bureau Deployment Models provide resilient and reliable alternatives to hosting CGiX internally. This enables clients to access our products and services securely, while reducing the infrastructure and internal resources required.

Free your staff to focus on core competencies.

Flexible, reliable access to FSL’s suite of products and services.


The SaaS service provides secure, private and resilient access to CGiX through an internet browser. Upgrades and enhancements are managed and implemented centrally by FSL. Our dedicated team ensure the highest level of technical management, monitoring and support for complete peace of mind over data integrity and disaster recovery strategies.


The Service Bureau provides a fully-managed solution tailored to your firms’ specific business and operational requirements, building on our SaaS offering. Our unrivalled domain expertise and operational processing capabilities improve efficiency, reduce the total cost of ownership and support firms’ disaster recovery and business continuity plan requirements.


  • Our product range is supplied, supported and managed by our experienced team of dedicated specialists
  • Advanced monitoring of the SaaS service identifies and neutralises problems before they impact client processes
  • Secure data centers underwrite the data security and scalability of both offerings

FSL’s Service Bureau complements the SaaS offering with a level of service tailored to clients’ specific requirements.