Data Analysis

FSL’s Data Analysis team maintains a constant and comprehensive presence in niche markets, where accurate data is difficult to source. Our primary research minimises risk by increasing accuracy, which is why financial institutions regularly commission us for our expertise.

Providing unrivalled insight and analysis to financial institutions.

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The Data Analysis team conducts primary research into Offshore Funds, Bonds, Income Tax Data and other specialised fields at clients’ request. We initially contact the issuer then supplement the data using various resources including data vendors, HMRC and public documents. Thereby ensuring we derive the correct tax liability which guarantees accurate representation on reports to be submitted to HMRC.

Clients’ reputations rest on the quality of the data they share with their customers. Our comprehensive contact database makes certain we always go to the best source, leveraging our unrivalled connectivity with Issuers, Fund Managers and other well-placed market participants. Every data set is rigorously checked for content and accuracy and, upon request, we can provide total transparency into raw source data.

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  • Delivering key insight based on difficult-to-source data
  • Unrivalled connectivity with market participants
  • Primary research tailored to clients’ specific data requirements
  • Rigorous cleansing ensures accurate, effective and reliable data
  • Complete transparency into source data

Financial Instrument Analysis



FSL’s Data Analysis team can accurately classify the tax liability of financial instruments for Capital Gains Tax purposes. These instruments cover all debt securities (including Eurobonds and deep discounted securities), Offshore Funds and Equities. For Offshore Funds, the team can also identify any changes in status which would affect tax liability.



The team has the ability to accurately classify the asset type for Income Tax purposes. Asset classes include Unit Trusts & OEICs (plus Bond Funds), Equity, Fixed Income, Government Issued Fixed Income, PAIFs, ETFs, Investment Trusts and TEFs.

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